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Poor indoor air quality rates among the top five concerns of the Environmental Protection Agency. Burnworth’s A/C has the experience, training, and resources to keep your Lake Charles home clean, healthy, and comfortable all year long.

indoor air quality

What Causes Unhealthy Air?

Indoor air pollution takes many forms and stems from a variety of sources. Microscopic particulates (human dander, pollen, dust mites) hang in the air. Gases (ammonia, formaldehyde, chloroform) can come from cleaning and hygiene products, furniture and carpet, cooking, and even garbage. Microbials (fungi and spores) are almost invisible but can find their way inside via pets or on our shoes and clothing.

Research shows that indoor air frequently is far more polluted than outdoor air. Short-term exposure to unhealthy air triggers allergy and asthma attacks, sneezing, runny noses, headaches, and fatigue. Long-term exposure can potentially be serious, leading to an increased risk of cancer, heart problems, and kidney or liver damage. Although it’s impossible to eliminate pollutants 100%, you can take measures to reduce the number and source.

What Role Does My HVAC System Play?

Over time, ductwork develops cracks, holes, and loose connections. When your AC unit or furnace kicks on, these leaks create a pathway for contaminants to be sucked into your living area from your attic or crawl space. These unhealthy pollutants can seriously compromise air quality and the health of your family.

As pollutants recirculate throughout your home, they can build up in your air ducts. This buildup creates an environment in which dust mites, bacteria, and other germs thrive. Replacing ductwork every ten years or so can help improve your indoor air quality.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality in Orange, TX

Our IAQ specialists at Burnworth’s A/C can perform an air quality audit to identify any contaminants hiding in your home and pinpoint the sources. From there, we’ll recommend the most effective solution. We offer a selection of Trane products that have a proven track record of resolving air quality issues:

  • Cleaners and purifiers: Cleaners and purifiers trap, kill, or break down airborne pollutants floating around your home.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers: Managing moisture levels in your home is critical to maintaining excellent air quality. Our selection of humidifiers and dehumidifiers help you achieve just the right balance.
  • Ventilators: Frequent air exchange is a large part of preserving air quality. Our ventilators import the right amount of fresh air into your home while exporting the stale, contaminated air.

If you want to ensure your family breathes clean, fresh air, call our team at Burnworth’s A/C. We’re the leaders in Lake Charles, Sulphur, Vinton, LA and Orange, TX when it comes to providing a healthy environment for your loved ones.

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