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4 Signs Your AC Is Low on Refrigerant in Westlake, LA

August 16, 2022

An air conditioner cannot cool your home properly if the refrigerant is low. Before recharging the refrigerant levels, schedule an appointment with an air conditioning professional in Westlake, LA, to inspect the system for leaks. If you think that your AC is low on refrigerant, pay attention to these signs.

High Energy Bills

You may have a refrigerant leak if your energy bills suddenly increase without changing your home’s temperature. If the AC doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it fails to remove as much heat per cooling as necessary. The system needs to run longer and strain to cool your space, translating to higher energy bills.

Warm Air from Supply Vents

Since air conditioners depend on refrigerant to cool your home, you may notice warm air when there isn’t enough refrigerant. However, there could be other issues causing your air conditioner to blow warm or hot air. That’s why you need an AC repair expert to inspect and diagnose the cause and recharge your refrigerant levels.

Strange AC Sounds

Hissing or bubbling sounds from the air conditioner may indicate low refrigerant. The refrigerant lines have a pressure that could cause a leak, explaining why you might hear strange noises. If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, you may have a refrigerant leak; thus, you need an HVAC technician to address the problem.

Ice on Refrigerant Line

Damages on the refrigerant line may cause the coolant to leak and freeze anything it touches. The coolant is dangerous and can freeze and lock the air conditioner, making the system ineffective. Hire a qualified HVAC professional to address the issue before it damages other AC components.

Call an experienced professional to recharge the refrigerant levels and for seasonal tune-ups. Call Burnworth’s AC for more information about our AC maintenance services and improving its performance.

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