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Do You Need a New Heat Pump in Lake Charles, LA ?

December 12, 2022

Most new appliances have the benefit of being more efficient. A new heat pump is no different. It may be confusing to tell whether to continue using your current heat pump or buy a new one for your Lake Charles, LA, home. We will cover signs that show it’s time for a new heat pump.

Frequent Repairs

Unlike other heating and cooling systems, your heat pump serves you in all seasons. Therefore, it is not unusual for the system’s parts to develop problems occasionally.

Sometimes, your system may start breaking down frequently, requiring the technician’s services more often. This usually occurs if your system is reaching the end of its lifespan or hasn’t received regular maintenance.

High Energy Bills

Your energy bill may shoot up, yet you have not changed your energy usage or bought a new appliance. One of the things that may be causing this scenario is your heat pump.

An inefficient HVAC system consumes more electric energy than normal. Refrigerant leaks and worn-out parts may cause your system to consume more electric energy. First, schedule maintenance and if needed, a new, more energy-efficient system can be installed.

Unusual Noises

Typically, your HVAC system only produces soft sounds while heating your home during the coldest season of the year. Suddenly, your unit may start producing strange noises you have never heard before. These sounds communicate that all is not well with your HVAC system.

Different problems cause your heat pump to produce different noises. Loose components may result in banging noises, while gurgling and hissing noises indicate a refrigerant leak.

Some noises, such as rattling, may be due to a minor issue like loose cover panels. Therefore, it is important to have a technician check your heat pump to advise whether you need to get a new one or if the existing one will do just fine after repairs.

Contact Burnworth’s AC for excellent heating services this winter. Our certified technicians understand everything about heat pumps and will tailor a solution that restores your comfort.

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