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What Is Causing Uneven Heating in My Home?

March 1, 2022

Many households and offices in southern Louisiana experience uneven heating and cooling. You may find that some rooms are warmer than others, the upstairs is hotter than downstairs or there are drafts. There are many reasons for uneven heating. Some causes can be remedied by a homeowner. Others require a heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional to correct the problem.

Dirty Air Filters

Regularly cleaning or changing air filters captures particulates before they enter the system. Clogged filters inhibit airflow, which can cause uneven heating. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that all components are in good working order and that air flows freely throughout the system.

Blocked Vents and Leaking Ducts

Blocked vents affect the way air flows through the entire duct system. Make sure furniture, curtains, appliances, carpets or other objects do not block vents. Dust, hair and other particulates clinging to ducts affect airflow. Clean vent openings and return air grilles to allow air to flow freely.

Leaking ducts allow conditioned air to escape and unconditioned air to enter the system, which can reduce efficiency by up to 20% and cause uneven heating and cooling. During a maintenance checkup, HVAC technicians evaluate the condition of ducts and ensure air is flowing freely.

Too Little Insulation

Too little insulation allows unconditioned air to enter your home through the attic, walls and floor. Check insulation levels to make sure yours meet the recommendations for the Lake Charles area. Caulk around windows and doors to prevent drafts and air infiltration.

Improperly Sized System

An oversized system reaches the set temperature quickly and cycles off, which creates hot and cold spots. Because heating is uneven, the system will cycle frequently in an attempt to even out temperatures. Systems that are too small run for long periods to provide enough conditioned air for comfort. Both cause uneven heating and cooling, overtax the compressor and shorten the life of the system.

Burnworth’s A/C has provided HVAC services to southern Louisiana and southeast Texas since 2008. We are Trane Specialists, dedicated to high customer satisfaction and technological excellence. When we come to your home or business, our certified technicians thoroughly investigate your indoor comfort system to get to the root of the problem. We believe in honest communication and transparent business practices. We are always ready to answer your questions.

If your heating system is not keeping you comfortable, give us a call to investigate the cause. We offer 24-hour emergency services, annual preventive maintenance agreements and scheduled repairs.

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