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Why Does My AC Overheat in Bridge City, TX?

May 27, 2024

When your AC system in Bridge City, TX overheats, it automatically shuts off or flips the circuit breaker. This may result in an uncomfortable home environment and potentially unsafe conditions for family and pets until you have the issue fixed. Let’s review several factors that can cause your home’s AC system to overheat.

A Dirty Air Filter

One of the more common reasons why an air conditioner overheats is because of a dirty air filter. The purpose of an air filter is to remove particles from the air, but these particles can accumulate densely in the filter and minimize airflow. Replacing or cleaning your AC’s air filter is essential and recommended for optimized performance every 60 to 90 days before debris reaches the point of straining and overheating your system.

A Low Level of Refrigerant

Refrigerant is responsible for extracting heat from your home’s air and transferring it out of your home. The AC system can overheat when the refrigerant is low, such as from a leak. Professional service involves identifying and repairing leaks as well as refilling the refrigerant, reducing the likelihood of your AC system overheating.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Your air conditioner’s condenser coils gradually accumulate dust and dirt with the system’s regular operation, and this decreases the system’s ability to release heat as needed. As a result, the AC system has to work overtime to do its job and overheats. Condenser coil cleaning is a part of routine AC maintenance and plays a significant role in your system’s efficiency.

If your home’s AC system overheats and shuts off, AC repair or maintenance services should be scheduled right away. Our family-owned and operated team of expert technicians has provided outstanding service for 16 years. To schedule air conditioning repair service, contact Burnworth’s A/C in Bridge City, TX.

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