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Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking Water in Sulphur, LA?

June 24, 2024

Heat pumps are a wonderful way to beat the hot weather during the summer in Sulphur, LA. They remove moisture from the air, collecting heat from inside your home and depositing it outside, thus cooling the interior of your home. Sometimes, though, the heat pump can encounter problems, which can lead to water leaking onto your floors.

Frozen Coil

To ensure your heat pump runs seamlessly, you should keep the coils clean as dirty coils interferes with the refrigeration process. When dirt coats the coils, the heat cannot be expelled outside. This can cause your condenser to stop creating cool air and may cause the coils to freeze. Either situation will cause the condensing unit to stop doing its essential job. .

Cracked Condensate Pan

As condensation collects on the coils, it drips down into the condensate pan. As the pan ages, it can become corroded which can lead to cracks and possible water leaks.

Drain Clog

Sometimes, the dirt and biologic material collects within the condensate drain pan rather than exiting outside of the house at the end of the condensate pipe. If the clog is severe, then your heat pump will shut down to prevent overheating or damage. It’s a good idea to have a professional HVAC contractor clean it because they can check the entire system and perform maintenance activities during the same visit.

If you notice any leaks, don’t allow the problem to go unchecked. We’re the experts when it comes to both the upkeep and repair of your heat pump, so give our friendly team members at Burnworth’s A/C a call to help beat the heat.

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