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3 Reasons to Choose Variable Speed AC in Lake Charles, LA

April 23, 2024

A variable-speed AC may be the perfect way to ensure comfort in your Lake Charles, LA, home. That’s a type of AC that can scale its cooling capacity up and down to meet your comfort needs. Here are the three important reasons why you might choose a variable-speed AC for your home.

1. High Energy Efficiency

The most important reason to choose this type of AC is efficiency. Variable-speed models can reduce their energy consumption by running at slower speeds as often as possible. Typically, they’ll run at full speed to reach the indoor temperature you request and slow down to keep it there.

Some variable-speed ACs can run at 25% of their maximum capacity. That reduces their energy usage sharply. Yet, that’s sufficient to maintain a stable temperature in your home during the majority of each day.

2. Reduced Temperature Swings

A conventional single-speed AC cycles on and off and runs at 100% capacity to keep your home within about 2 degrees Fahrenheit of your desired temperature. Variable-speed models run at full speed to reach your set temperature and then run slower to maintain it. As a result, homes with variable-speed AC enjoy far more stable indoor temperatures and improved comfort.

3. Superior Air Quality

Since these systems run for a longer period of time, they do a better job of cleaning your home’s air. This is because your home’s air will pass through the AC air filter more frequently than with a standard AC. This also helps a variable-speed AC control your home’s humidity better as well.

If you need a replacement for your Lake Charles, LA, home’s AC, a variable-speed model may be a good choice. So, when the time comes, contact Burnworth’s A/C to inquire about our affordable AC installation service.

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