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How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Heat Pump

February 26, 2024

Heat pumps don’t just go bad overnight. It’s a slow decline. As things progress, the heat pump will express its distress in myriad disturbing ways. Ignoring these symptoms is asking for trouble.

The average life of a heat pump is about 15 years. The sooner you engage a trusted service technician, the easier it will be to fix the problem and extend the system’s life. Ignoring these symptoms can result in heat pump replacement.

Not Enough Heat

Insufficient heating can be a signal that an older heat pump is approaching its final days. This is especially likely if the unit has reduced its heating output gradually over time. A worn out compressor may also be the source of the problem.

Spikes in Energy Usage

As heat pumps age, they lose efficiency. The upshot is higher energy bills. While these increases may seem small at first, they can quickly mount up over a few months. Older heat pumps often have to work longer to generate the same amount of heat as newer units, even when there’s nothing wrong with the system itself.

Short Cycling

Short cycling, which is when your system constantly turns on and off, can cause energy spikes and high electric bills. It can literally work an HVAC system to death. Imagine turning your car on and off nonstop for 24 hours, and you’ll get the picture.

When significant issues emerge in aging units, heat pump installation is your safest and most economical bet. It will get your family safely through the winter, and you’ll save on utility bills every month.

At Burnworth’s A/C, we perform a manual J load calculation before installing a new unit. A proper load calculation ensures that a new heat pump is perfectly aligned with the needs of a Sulphur, Lake Charles, Westlake or Vinton, LA, home.

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