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Choosing Between Heat Pump Repair and Replacement in Westlake, LA

April 14, 2023

As your Westlake, LA home’s heat pump gets older, you’ll eventually face the decision of repairing it or replacing it. This might look like a tough choice. Here are several factors to consider as you make your choice between heat pump repair or replacement.

Will It Still Run?

The first thing you need to ask your technician is whether the heat pump will still run after a repair. If a minor fix will keep it going for a while with the right maintenance, then a repair might buy you some time. However, if you need to replace a major component that costs $1,000 or more, and the heat pump is getting old, then you might consider swapping it out for something new.

How Old Is the Heat Pump?

Opting for heating repairs can be tempting if the repair quote is cheaper than replacing the whole heat pump. However, if your heat pump is past 10 years old, you need to keep in mind that repair bills are going to add up over time and eventually prove more expensive than a replacement. A heat pump past the age of 12 might not be worth repairing, and you should probably opt for replacement after 15 years anyway, just for the technological upgrades available with modern units.

What Will the Repaired Unit Be Like to Live With?

Even if heat pump repairs are possible, are they going to be worth it? Older systems prone to breaking down might make more noise than newer models that you won’t hear as much. Also, if you’re planning on selling your home in the next few years, a new heat pump would help boost its resale value.

Deciding between a heat pump repair and replacement is a big decision, but it’s easier if you have advice from the professionals. Contact us at Burnworth’s AC for all your heat pump services.

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